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L. Miranda / Quicksilver's Red Haze

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Show name: Miranda / Quicksilver's Red Haze
Call name: Brandon
Breed: Wire-Haired Dachshund
Gender: male
Bred: Miranda
Show Status: Currently Showing
Handled by: Miranda
Brandon is a super dog, adopted from Miranda. She and I share a similar love of Dachshunds (particularily of the wire-haired variety), and so we trade dogz back and forth all the time. Brandon is one of my favorites from her, and for good reason. He's a little fire ball of energy, but once you take out the camera, he's ready to pose. I expect BIG things outta this little dog, that's for sure.
UPDATE: Brandon has finally reached his Legend title! A *huge* thanks to Miranda for handling this little dog all the way to the end. What a fantastic dog!!

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