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Breeding Service

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Like my petz? Well, here you can request a breeding between any two of my petz! But there are a few rules you need to follow, so listen up:
-Breedings are only allowed between two petz of the same breed (this changes if the pets in question are mixies).
-Petz must be male and female. I won't change their genders for you.
-I won't breed Morbid for you, so don't ask.
-You need to apply to have my dogz bred/one of your dogz bred to one of mine. I'm not picky, but I don't want to breed out my very high showers to someone who isn't going to show their offspring.
-Offspring must be shown if the parents have a SGCh. tile or above.

Form for two of my petz
-Your name
-Your email
-Stud's name
-Why/What will you do with the offspring?
-Site (optional)
Form for one of my petz and one of yours
-Your name
-Your email
-My stud/dame
-Your stud/dame
-Why/What will you do with the offspring?
-Site (optional)
[picture of your pet]
Once I reply, send me your pet, along with any special files I may need (I'll tell you if I need them or not). I'll breed 4 petz, and we can split them up among each other. I may want one - I may not. But I always get a pick.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I don't bite;-)