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UGCh. Quicksilver's Green Thumb

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Show: Quicksilver's Green Thumb
Call: Daise
Breed: Kerry Blue
Gender: female
Bred: here
Handled by: Mikoli
Status: One Break
I'm no huge Kerry Blue fan, but I do have a couple that I enjoy showing. One is Kabob, a SGCh, and here is my 2nd one, Daise. I really like Daise's all black coloring, and I think her coat is just gorgeous. Her pose isn't all that bad either, and apparently the judges think the same thing, because Daise has come this far in a very short showing period. She's JUST won her 30th point. I plan for her to go further, but to stop sometime with her UGCh title, and retire her then.
EDIT: Well, Daise has clearly made it past her 30th point;-) She's a great dog, who will most likely be retiring soon, if I can't get anyone to handle her for me.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I don't bite;-)