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About Me

So you want to learn a little bit about your Webmisstress....

Alias: Kovitlac, Vortex, or V
Age: 17
Grade: Senior in high school this fall
Birthday: April 14th, 1988
Pets: Sammy(cat, black/white shorthair female), Skittles (cat, white shorthair male), Jericho (white and cream male hamster), and Pisces (purple male beta fish)
Hobbies: My pets, musicals, drawing, plays, movies, reading, horse riding lessons, volunteering for STARS and the humane society, playing xbox, seeing my freinds, chatting on the computer, petz, and role playing
Likes: The color blue, Halo, Fatal Frame, Weird Al, Smash Mouth, and all my hobbies above
Peeves: Tomatos, Harry Potter, onions, snotty kids at school, PETA, Brittany Spears, and random other things

Pet photos and Info:

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Recieved him the summer before my freshman highschool year. He'd been born in a litter of a cat who was owned by a friend of mine. There were 4 other kittens in the litter, yet I bacame immediantly attatched to a unique-looking white/tabby male another friend named Skittles because of a backwards 'S' shape down his back. I first saw him when he was no more then 2 days old, and feel immediantly in love.
That summer, I brought him home after our family vacation to Florida and introduced him to Sammy. Skittles tried to get along with her, but apparently Sammy had other ideas. She would frequently hit him on the head with her paw, hiss, snarl, and otherwise let him know just how UNwelcome he was. Poor Skitts would just stare at her dumbly at her after getting a blow to the head. Sammy didn't have front claws and Skitts was soon to loose his, so we didn't worry much about either getting hurt. But I felt bad for my new baby. Soon he began peeing just outside his litterbox (he and Sammy each had one, but they actually go in whichever one they feel like). We took him to the vet, where my darling was prescribed anti-anxiety pill. Anti-depressents. Knowing all too well what my little guy was going through, him and I became even closer. The problem soon cleared up. Skittles is now about 3 years old, and he and Sammy still do not get along, but now Skitts chases her when she gets on his nerves, Sammy gets a little exorsize, and everyone is happy (except Sammy, that is).
Whenever anyone happens to ask me who my best friend in the world is, I am quick to reply to, although he's not human, Skittles is always there for me, never judges me, never gets angry with me for doing something wrong, and continuously loves me (even if it is only because I feed him every day). I'd do anything for him.

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Oh, gee, where to start? I recieved Sammy as a Christmas present from my parents back when I was a kindergardner. I knew right away, before even opening the present that contained a new cat-carrier, dish, and litterbox, that I was getting a kitten. It would be my very first pet ever (technicly. My parents had a dog named Roscoe before I was born. He died when I was 3, but was more my parent's dog then mine).
I remember picking her up at a house outside of town, in the country. Inside were two large dogs, a Golden Retriever, and a Rottie. It was a sad story: They used to have two other cats, until one of the dogs killed them. To save the last kitten's life, they needed to give her away. So 'Princess', a black and white tux, came to live with me.
And this is where the sappy story ends. Sammy grew into an evil creature, literally. She's not a fan of people at all, and will not hesitate to snarl, hiss, and scratch at me. I love her to death, and I'd do anything for her, but she just does not feel the same. She'll snuggle with my parents any time she can, and sleeps on their bed every night. But God have mercy on anyone trying to give her an innocent pat on the head.
I pity Sammy for her nasty attitude, and well understand that if I ever had to give her up to the animal shelter, she'd be put to sleep, as no one would adopt a cat who hates people and is violent. I worry that someday she'll badly hurt some kid and we could loose her forever. Good thing whenever we have company, Sammy tends to hide under mom and dad's bed until they leave.
So don't take the above picture to heart - she's really plotting ways to rid the world of the human race.

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Hmm, what to say about Pisces?... He's my first fish to survive as long as he has, lol (I am not a fish-person).

It all started the Christmas before last. It was the youth group Christmas party, where we exchanged gifts. I picked out an electronic hand-held game, which I knew everybody else wanted (mwaha). A girl asked to trade that for the goldfish and tank she had picked out. Well, I have an electronic game as it is, and hardly ever use it, so I took the fish. I was just about to leave when someone else asked me to trade my present for theirs, a beta fish. I'd never had such an exotic-looking fish before, so I took him, renamed him Pisces (he *had* been Wiggles!!), and had him ever since. He's beginning to finally show some wear and tear, as he gets older. Although he's not my most active pet, nor the most fun to watch/play with, I've gotten to love the little purple/pink/blue fish swim around in his often somewhat-dirty tank sitting on my upper desk shelf. *huggles*

Comments? Tips? Criticism?