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Tips and Tricks

This is a place for me to give you my most valuable tips and secrets on how to build up your own breeding kennel, collie of otherwise. Not that what secrets I have are very valuable - I just don't have anything better to do right now;-)

Every day or so I like to take all my collies out to socialize with each other. Not only if it a fun time for them, but I get to see what sorts of personalities each one of them shows and use that for later breeding referances. If I get too many collies I split them up into two groups - female and male, so I get no unwanted breedings.
I try never to waste time breeding dogz that show no talant in showing. Instead I'll breed a dog that has gorgeous looks but weak showing talant to a dog that maybe has less then gorgeous looks but more showing talant, and hope to get one that is both gorgeous and showing potential in the show ring.
Inbreeding doesn't bother me in the least, but some people it does. I like to keep records on which dogz are related for whom so I don't inbreed too much. Although if I find a perfect breeding pair, I'll breed them anyway.

Comments? Tips? Criticism?