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SGCh. Quicksilver's Streamline

Show: Quicksilver's Streamline
Call: Streamline
Breed/s: Standered Poodle / Leopard Shepherd mix
Gender: male
Bred: here
Status: Unofficially retired
Also a relative of Morbid (all my poodle mixes are inter-related somewhere down the line). As soon as I posed him I *knew* this dog could go far. He carries Morbid's exact stature, to the letter. One that is currently still being shown, I fully expect Streamline to someday earn his World Champion title, where I will allow him to retire.
UPDATE: Seeing as Streamline has been on break for over a year, I decided to unofficially retire him. He may return to showing eventually, if I can find someone to handle him for me. Until than, he'll be listed here as 'unofficially retired.'

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