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NEW: Now freebies are also available!! Any litter which states FREEBIES at the top require only the Freebies form. Thanks.
Here, I will place the offspring of my show petz that are available for adoption. Their stud/dam will be mentioned, so that you can see who the parents are. Please read the rules which follow:
-NO adopting my petz out to other people unless you have my permission to, first. ABSOLUTELY NO downloads, instant adoptions, AAC, etc.
-Please no abusing. It's pointless and immature.
-You MUST keep my prefix, Quicksilver, in the pet/z show name/s.
-No maximum adoptions rule, but don't go crazy. And you'll need a decent appl and/or trade to match what you're getting.
-All petz are Dogz/Catz5
-None of these petz are supposed 'freebies'. You must apply for them all. POL are my special choices - the best. I suggest you have a very good application for them. Same goes for the offsping of my very high show petz. But relax - I'm not too harsh;-)
-Since these petz are born from my own showers, many of them have valuble showing talent. I prefer that they be shown, or at least bred.  
-Type 'calico' somewhere in your form so I know you have read my rules and (hopefully) understand them.
-your name
-will you breed/show?
-why you want this pet
-site (optional)
-trade (optional)
-Petz name

~Bred from Showing Parents~

Border Collies


German Shepherds

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Labrador Retrievers


~Bred from Non-Showing Parents~


Questions? Comments? Concerns? I don't bite;-)