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This is the Wanted section, where I keep all my personal ads or wants;-) Feel free to provide anything here - they'll be something in it for you, I promise.

Show trainer/handler for a multitude of my petz. You can ask for any of the petz  that you've seen here and you'd really like to show (the ones not available for you to show will be listed below). You can show up to 4 catz/dogz. You CANNOT claim the pet as your own, you MUST let me know of all points you make showing the pet/z (bi-weekly or so is good, but pretty much anything is fine), and you'll have to say that you're handling the pet for me in each show you enter. If anyone questions it, give them my email. And now, onto the payment;-)
You'll be able to have your choice of a breeding between my petz (exluding any I specifically state) once the pet has reached SGCh, and then again for all new titles won after that. You can get up to two puppies/kittens each time. I'd expect them to be shown, but it's not mandatory. Any other questions, email me.
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Petz (up to 4):
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Any retired petz
Current Handlers:
Mikoli - Snoop
Aussie_Gal - Jade and Luke
Krazi - Imitate and Cori
Miranda - Haite
Joe - Fade

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I don't bite;-) Munkugirl@cableone.net