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This is a very special page, dedicated to my petz memories over the years. Some memories are vague - some are more recent. All are treasured.

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Jaqui - Quicksilver's Diamond Snow - CK Samoyed - 1st gen
One of my first show dogz / First dog to reach SGCh.

She's very special to me, having been my first big-winner show dog, reaching 52 points last year. She came out of my Dogz4 game, and was my absolute favorite dog for a very long time. I still have many of her show awards she won during her lasting career. She holds a very special place in my heart, having blazed the trail for all my show dogz to follow in her paw prints.
*Jaqui has just been put back into my game!! I wasn't sure if I still had her after all this time (and two computer changes!!), but I do!

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Steel - Quicksilver's Steel Venum- CK Border collie - 1st gen
One of my first show dogz
Was shown very much with Jaqui. He was another big winner, earning 41pts during her career, a biggie for that time, and being only my 2nd major show dog. He's been through a lot, having been stolen at least once. He's not much to look at, but he's also a hugely special dog to me. I'll see if I'm able to find his file and put it back into my game as well.

Morbid winning Mr. Santa-Pawz 2004
Wow, I haven't added anything for awhile...
My next memory is Morbid's BIS. No, not his first, or his last, but a very memorable BIS. When Morbid won the prestigious Mr. Santa-Pawz 2004 title at a forum (I've since forgotten which one), and won a large amount of points. Dogz were not judged on pose ability alone, but also on looks and presence.

Of course, another memory would be the creation of each of my petz sites!! My first was LickaPaw Kennels, a site devoted mostly to German Shepherds of the original file (this was before there were wide-spred hexed files). The site became very large and eventually became a mix-match of everything before I decided to put an end to it. Next was Quicksilver, which was also where I got my prefix name. I designed that one mostly from scratch, and considered it to be the 'control center' even after I created more specialty sites. It too eventually became very large and is no longer active, although 'Quicksilver' is still my chosen prefix.
Next was Midnight Spree Kennels, which didn't last very long. I believe it was a specialty site for mutts, but I can't be positive. This was still quite some time ago. Next came Oblivion, which was in opperation for quite some time. It began as a specialty site for Pomeranians (I can't remember which file), than slowly grew to include more breeds. Realizing it wasn't much of a specialty site anymore, but instead another Quicksilver, I abandoned it.
Than I created Achievement, which has so far remained mostly what I intended it to be - a place to how off the achievements of my show dogz and keep all their points in order. It also grew to include adoptions and more, that basic use of the site has remained the same. By this time, Quicksilver has already fadded away.
A few more specialty sites came and went, including Iridescent, Alabaster (specializing in Rough Collies), Ridgewood (a Petz ranch), and even Euphoria (home of a comic strip based around my Catz). Each one has mostly fadded, although Alabaster continues on somewhat. But Achievement is by far my most popular site, and I put the most time and effort into it than into any of the others. I've decided not to go back into specialty sites, as they act as fads and always fade away leaving just a waste of tripod space. But Achievement is most deffinately here to stay.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I don't bite;-)