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Here are my hexies that are available for adoption. The same rules apply as on the Litters page. I'm not as picky as with some of my showers, but I'm not exactly the world's best hexer, so each of these are still special to me.
-NO adopting my petz out to other people unless you have my permission to, first. ABSOLUTELY NO downloads, instant adoptions, ect.
-Please no abusing. It's pointless and immature.
-You MUST keep my prefix, Quicksilver, in the dog/z show name/s.
-2 petz per week is the maximum per person. Only 1 pet per litter.
-All petz are Dogz5
-None of these petz are supposed 'freebies'. You must apply for them all. POL are my special choices - the best. I suggest you have a very good application for them. But relax - I'm not too harsh;-)
-Type 'calico' somewhere in your form so I know you have read my rules and (hopefully) understand them.
-your name
-why you want this pet
-site (optional)
-trade (optional)

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Fluff-Tailed Danes
From left to right: Chevy(m), Jelly(m), Marmalade(f), Hava(f), Blizzard(m)
Various coloring combinations. All have PETZ tatooed on their right hip.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I don't bite;-) Munkugirl@cableone.net