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This is where I place my petz that are solely intended to be traded away. These petz are NOT meerly for adoption, and I expect a pet to be offered in return.
You may trade for an unlimited number of petz (unless stated), as well as I recieve the same amount (again, unless stated).
Current interest: Java German Shepherd Dogz
-Desc. of pet you are trading-

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Rapsody (m)
Sire: Ringo
Dame: Whisper
His littermate is Galileo, who I have already decided to keep. He's eager to pose and seems ready to follow in his sire's footsteps. His only problem is keeping his head straight, although that should be easy to do. He's very beautiful, and I was awfully tempted to keep him.

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Blue (m)
Sire: Magnis
Dame: Whisper
His grandsire is Ringo, one of my favorite Shepherds to date. He shows a certain eagerness to pose and should deffinately go to someone who is willing to show him in conformation, preferably someone who has shown GSDs before.

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